Jacob´s Dream/ Touched/ Birds/ Snow/ Nora/ Dead Dream of Monochrome Men

Dance and camera 2013

Creating dance films in Czech conditions

Cinedans on tour

A curated selection from the Holland festival Cinedans

Dance Fashion Films

A unique showcase of dance, fashion and film

A tribute to Nigel Charnock

Dead Dream of Monochrome Men

Dance Film Festival to have connected the world of silver screen with the art of dance

The third edition of Dance Film Festival was held from April 19 to 21 at Cinema Bio Oko and, one of the nights, at Ponec Theatre. The festival presented the overall number of seven program sections at Bio Oko. One festival night offered a Dance Karaoke of film hits with the dance group Dance 2XS. Read more...




Shoot and Dance!

Although the festival is above all about watching movies, we do not forget about active movement! You will have an opportunity to recall famous film choreographies and even try some of them at "dance karaoke" on 20th April at 8pm at Ponec Theatre. It's Saturday and we will play hits from Grease, Saturday Night Fever, Hair, Men in Black, Chorus Line and many other films that changed life to many of us! The presenter of the evening is brilliant D. Voráčková and choreographic instructions will come from Dance 2XS company! Do not miss the night of dance and movies! Become a Saturday Night Greased Dirty Dancing Star!


David Hinton´s retrospective as a part of Dance Film Festival is a logical dramaturgical step. Famous British director David Hinton is one of the leading figures of dance for camera genre, an author of short, middle, and feature-length movies, active and popular pedagogue. Hinton will soon appear in this role in Prague during DFF 2013 as lecturer of Dance and Camera workshop for Czech dancers and students of FAMU, the Film Academy of Performing Arts in Prague. Read more...


The civic association Artn as the organizer of the Dance Film Festival Prague and director Jakub Jahn have started shooting a dance film inspired by the collection Les Choses de la Vie ... by the fashion designer M. Holubec. In refined black-and-white costumes, two leaders of the dance company 420PEOPLE, N. Novotná and V. Kuneš move in front of the camera. They enact the leading characters of Heiner Müller's drama Hamletmachine. The film will be premiered at the Dance Film Festival. Read more...

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